Curvy Kate Redefines Beauty with #TheNewSexy

By: Leanne    on Mon 1st Aug 2016


As women continue to diversify, lingerie brands have to work harder than ever to connect with all shapes, sizes, and stories. ‘Beauty’ and what is considered to be beautiful, is more inclusive than ever, and Curvy Kate is embracing this movement with aplomb.

#TheNewSexy is the latest campaign from Curvy Kate, with the aim of redefining ‘sexy’. It calls for women of all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds to be represented in the media, and wants to show women that being sexy is not just about having the perfect body or an angelic face. The DD+ lingerie brand, who have used real-life role models instead of  professional models since they launched, recruited the faces of their campaign from social media in order to find a true mix of models to front their the new boudoir collection.

The ‘Scantily’ collection is worn by 8 inspiring female role models. Each model has their own story and their own journey in overcoming stereotypes, and have overcome individual challenges. The fearless females include an Alopecia sufferer, a transgender woman, an amputee and a recovered anorexic.

Former Anorexic and body positive activist, Megan Crabbe who starred in the campaign states: “I spent a long time believing that feeling confident or sexy was reserved for people with the ‘perfect’ body, and that the rest of us didn’t deserve it. Modelling for Scantilly after beating years of body insecurities was personally empowering and so much fun. This campaign shows anyone with body image issues that we are ALL worthy of confidence, all sizes, all skin colours, all abilities. It’s exactly the kind of diverse representation we need to help us all see our unique beauty a bit more clearly.”


Stephania or ‘Effie’, 21, was born a male, but now lives her life as a female after undergoing gender reassignment surgery in 2015. “Not everyone should look the same and if they did there wouldn’t be a “sexy”. We need a mix of people,” said Effie. “Everybody has the right to feel okay with themselves and if the media show a wide range of women – different races, heights, sizes, ages and abilities then the girls looking at the models in the magazines and wishing to be them, will feel way more at ease with who they are. If they see someone who looks like them, they may be less likely to want to change.”


The Scantilly collection is available in sizes DD-HH cups and S-XL, and includes peep-hole briefs, sexy suspenders, half cup balcony bras and sheer basques. With rich colors, detailed embroidery, bold prints and lovely lace, this stand-out collection is designed to make you feel as gorgeous as you look.






ThereseHistorically there has been a real lack of diveristy shown in the modelling and fashion industries, and this is something that is becoming increasingly scrutinised and challenged.  A report by ‘The Fashion Spot’ found that out of 422 models involved in the largest Spring Summer 2016 campaigns only 21.8% were of colour, 1.4% were above a size 12 and zero transgender models was used. Curvy Kate hope that their commitment to using customer role models to front their campaigns will speak to real women in a real way, and in turn champion diversity in the modelling and fashion industries.

Gracie, one of the Scantilly role-models, and a global Vlogger, follows: “I think sometimes we’re so consumed  with all these images of what we think we should look like that if you just got out and away from it all and took the time to appreciate things, then you would realise you are more than just your body and you’re more than what you look like. Learn to love yourself at every stage of your life.”


Head of PR and Marketing, Hannah Isichei follows, “It’s important for us as a brand to speak to as many women as possible through our campaigns. We know our customers don’t all look the same so why should our models? Why should boudoir lingerie just be reserved for a handful of society? We want women to look at our products and see them on a body they can relate to. Scantilly lingerie is for every woman and every body, so it’s important that our models reflect this attitude.”

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