Lingerie brands count on real women

By: Polly    on Tue 2nd Aug 2016


Body suit by Baserange
Body suit by Baserange
Ebba bra and pants by Baserange
Ebba bra and pants by Baserange


“It’s not about seducing men, it’s about embracing womanhood.”

So said the heroine of gorgeous lingerie and powerful female sensuality, Dita von Teese, and it’s a philosophy which seems to be taking root across the lingerie and fashion worlds.

Our unique beauty

‘Real-ness’, as in a rejection of the perfect, air-brushed aesthetic that has numbed the sensitivity to women’s unique beauty for at least a generation, is not just a passing trend, but instead we seem to be in the midst of a long term cultural shift in the industries.

Hot on the heels of supercool Kiwi designer underwear label ‘Lonely’ vetoing airbrushing in a recent campaign, and as a result seeing sales soar, Danish/French label Baserange (really, was there EVER a cooler pairing of nationalities in the style world…. I am getting chilblains as I type!) have also sought out ‘regular’ women to model their soft and stylish lingerie basics.

The brand have a commitment to ethical and ecologically sound practices, another quality that seems to prevail amongst firms at the vanguard in fashion and style, which echo the concerns of discerning consumers.

“We don’t re-touch any of our images because we want to show women just as they are…. These are women who are charismatic and confident and comfortable with their body”, Co-Founders Blandine de Verdelhan and Marie-Louise Morgesen explained. The airbrushing tools gather dust and the lingerie speaks for itself.

‘Be Strong, Be Beautiful’

I really liked the Ebba Bra and classic bell pants in gooseberry green shiny velour-they are cute and special- and the Alley Body in Interlock. The lovely woman who models this garment in the photoshoot is wearing it with a pair of pale dance-style tights and the look conjures a kind of ballet class chic crossed with sexy-comfy. Sounds odd but you’ll see what I mean!

And all this is just the tip of the iceberg. Olympic and Paralympic sports women have fronted Blubella’s ‘Be Strong, be Beautiful’ campaign, while retro Film Noir-inspired company, Kiss Me Deadly invite photos from performers or simply fans of their brand with the truly excellent mantra, “Because lingerie is for life, not just for models” and the ethos pays off with an edgier, stylish look to their online shop window.

All of which is great news for both style and sales as strong, savvy women with a sense of themselves and a burgeoning confidence in their skin reclaim lingerie and embrace womanhood.

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