Game, Set and Match to coordinated lingerie

By: Polly    on Tue 19th Apr 2016


Rosie for Autograph at M&S
Rosie for Autograph

The world of high-end, beautiful underwear retail is a fabulous place. It’s full of gorgeous fabrics, sublime styling, sensual models, artistic photography and amazing backdrops. So the reality of lingerie storage and organisation by us normal mortals usually falls well short of the lingerie addict’s dream.

Anyone else familiar with the scenario of an unfit-for-purpose drawer crammed full of crumpled knickers cheek-by-jowl with bras that only fit properly in distant, more buxom days?

Get set for sets

But ‘tis the season for spring cleaning and the organisers amongst you (Virgo friends take note…) can take as your inspiration an embracing among underwear designers of the neat and tidy, with the vaguely grandma-ish sounding lingerie ‘sets’ being marketed as an actual thing.

M &S, the underwear-from-cradle-to-grave mothership In the UK have always rocked a ‘set’, and with matchy-matchy being a sought-after look this season, they are definitely more than just a safe bet. As their website has it;

‘Treat yourself to a luxurious lingerie set, from sumptuous silk, to printed styles and plus size lingerie’.

Their gorgeous, vintage-inspired Rosie for Autograph range is designed in collaboration with supermodel Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, and bra and knicker sets within the collection feature silk and French designed lace. The silk and lace set with padded bra in Sage Green is sumptuous, especially modelled by someone who is more beautiful than anyone surely has any right to be.

There is a reason M &S is fail safe:

  • M&S has ranges to suit all shapes, tastes and ages,
  • They take quality seriously.
  • In addition to the aforementioned Rosie, they aren’t afraid to use models with beautiful real bodies which makes their collections relatable as well as desirable.

Free knickers

The notion of sets as  something to desire as well as being an organised and practical underwear solution abounds elsewhere in the world of lingerie.  Boux Avenue are currently offering free knickers with a matching bra, and there are over a hundred stylish matching sets to choose from. Bra styles include balconette, plunge, long line, bandeau and the somewhat energetic-sounding ‘ultra-boost’.

Amber Oriental Rose bra set from Boux Avenue
Amber Oriental Rose bra set from Boux Avenue

There are some gems in the range, such as the lovely Amber Oriental Rose balconette bra set which channels the floral trend with a vintage exotic edge.

So white bra and black pants or vice versa just isn’t going to cut it this season. Bite the bullet, brave the underwear drawer chaos and chuck out all the ill-fitting, mis-matching stuff ready to fill your life with lovely lingerie sets.


  1. Nobody has as many bras as panties. So how do you end up with a lingerie drawer full of matching ones?

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